Mass Timber

North America's most advanced, vertically-integrated, multi-species mass timber facility. Through our state-of-the-art 110,000 sf plant, we produce efficient, responsible and safe Cross-Laminated Timber panels (CLT), Glue-Laminated Timber panels (GLT), and Glulam beams that are innovating traditional building practices.

Engineered Wood Applications

Usages of mass timber range from single family homes to multi-residential and corporate headquarters.

Leading architects, engineers, designers and developers around the world, including here in North America, are increasingly seeking high-quality, custom mass timber products to create sustainable, safe and stunning energy-efficient architecture.

Benefits of Mass Timber

A Low-Carbon Future

Utilizing sustainable wood products in construction can move our society towards a low carbon future. More and more, the global construction industry is replacing carbon-emitting materials like concrete or steel with this better building option.

Cross-laminated timber, Glulam, and GLT panels have enormous potential in this industry to significantly reduce the carbon footprints of new buildings. In comparison to traditional building materials, sustainable wood products produce far less CO2 while absorbing and sequestering carbon from our atmosphere.

View Our Resources for technical documentations, design guides, case studies and more.

Our Mass Timber Products

Our New Facility

Bringing together world class technology from around the globe, we’ve built the most advanced, vertically integrated, multi-species mass timber manufacturing facility in North America.

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View our resources page for technical documentations, design guides, case studies and more.

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