Wildfire Management

Are you Concerned About Wildfire on Your Property?


Kalesnikoff’s Wildfire Risk Assessment and Management Program




Our trained forestry professionals have extensive experience assessing the overall health and related wildfire vulnerability of forests large and small, and developing strategic and customized forest and wildfire management plans for both public and private landowners.


We work with private property owners with significant treed land to determine the vulnerability of their forest and property.  Depending on the forest fuel hazard and complexity of the site, Kalesnikoff’s Woodlands team can prepare a management plan and provide harvesting and slash disposal services to mitigate your wildfire risk.


This approach can reduce the wildfire risk and at the same time potentially generate revenue for the property owner. Kalesnikoff is compensated through a percentage fee from the harvest sales revenue.


If you own 10 or more acres of forested property, or you and your interested neighbours collectively own 10 or more acres of adjacent forested properties, please email us wui@kalesnikoff.com for more information about this service.


If you have a smaller property, the Province of BC has shared some Wildfire Prevention tips and guidance and FireSmart Canada is another good national information resource.