Forest Stewardship Plan

Planning for the future


Welcome to Kalesnikoff’s Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) for Forest Licenses A20194 and A30172 in the Arrow and Kootenay Lake Timber Supply Areas.


The FSP is a landscape level plan, which is focused on establishing objectives, strategies, and results for conserving and protecting timber and non-timber resources within crown lands slated for future forest management activities. The FSP is the primary referral process for notifying the public, First Nations, and government agencies as to the future location of Forest Development Units (FDU’s) and the strategies and results that will apply to the respective FDU’s. The following links provide access to the Forest Stewardship Plan text and accompanying maps and supporting documentation.


The objective is to provide resource users with an opportunity to identify areas of concern within FDU’s, to ensure that concerns are addressed prior to the development of an area of crown land allocated for the company’s forest development activities. Comments specific to the FDU’s will be recorded and kept on record to ensure that comments are considered at the development stage.


View our Forest Stewardship Plan.


Download our Forest Development Unit Maps: These two maps cover the areas where Kalesnikoff is permitted to operate, however Kalesnikoff's operations will only be focused in the areas outlined by the Operating Area Maps.


Download our Operating Area Maps: These maps cover the actual areas Kalesnikoff will operate; they are updated annually.


Area Maps can be opened and viewed on a smartphone using the Avenza PDF Maps App. PDF Maps is a fast and powerful geospatial PDF reader for your Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. It renders maps quickly and features intuitive multi-touch gestures for easy navigation. With PDF Maps, you can download and open saved maps, pan, zoom, use GPS to locate yourself on the map, drop multiple placemarks, add attribute data, and measure area and distance. Download Avenza PDF Maps App here.


Forest Stewardship Plan Updates and Amendments


Continual information sharing will ensure transparency and open a communication path through which public and stakeholders’ concerns can be made known, so concerns may be addressed prior to the development of an area for crown land allocated for Kalesnikoff’s primary forest activities.  Comments specific to the Forest Development Units and Operating Areas will be accepted anytime and will be recorded and kept on record to ensure that comments are considered at the development stage.

Comments or Questions?

Kalesnikoff continues to encourage all potentially affected stakeholders to submit their comments by email to: