Public Stakeholder Engagement

Public Stakeholder Engagement 


Public Review and Comment: forest stewardship and cutting permit correspondence currently posted for stakeholders and members of the public to review and provide comment.



Areas of interest for development in the near future:


  • Crystal Face/Duhamel Creek
  • Lower Wolverton – Douglas Fir Beetle
  • Matt Creek
  • McFarlane Creek
  • Merry Creek
  • North Glade – Douglas Fir Beetle
  • North Selous – Fire Hazard Abatement
  • Selous \ Anderson Creek \ Apex Creek



Arrow Timber Supply Area Cutting Permits:


1. Glade


2. Pass Creek Windthrow – CP A086




Kootenay Lake Timber Supply Area Cutting Permits:


1. Connor – CP K083


2. Akokli CP K077


3. West Connor Face – CP k076




Please submit comments or questions to