Public Stakeholder Engagement

Public Stakeholder Engagement 


Public Review and Comment: forest stewardship and cutting permit correspondence currently posted for stakeholders and members of the public to review and provide comment.


2017 areas of interest to be posted April 2017


Listing of areas Kalesnikoff intends to layout timber with the intention to carry out logging practices.

  •  Merry Creek
  •  Matt Creek
  •  Goose/Gander Creek
  •  Crystal Face/Duhamel Creek
  •  Redfish Creek
  •  Rover Face
  •  Selous Creek
  •  West Grohman Creek


Arrow Timber Supply Area Cutting Permits


Lower Glade & Upper McPhee_A066


Kootenay Lake Timber Supply Area Cutting Permits


Redfish Creek_K064

  • Cutting permit approved, public review and comment complete.
  • Cutting permit term is four years beginning March 21st, 2017 and expiring on March 21, 2021.

Upper Grohman_K065


Forest Stewardship Plan Updates and Amendments


Continual information sharing will ensure transparency and open a communication path through which public and stakeholders’ concerns can be made known, so concerns may be addressed prior to the development of an area for crown land allocated for Kalesnikoff’s primary forest activities.  Comments specific to the Forest Development Units and Operating Areas will be accepted anytime and will be recorded and kept on record to ensure that comments are considered at the development stage.


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