Lamstock Product Details


Kalesnikoff Lumber produces lamstock lumber in Douglas Fir, Western Larch and Western Hemlock. Our lumber is rigorously graded, and only the finest dimension lumber makes ‘lamstock’ grade. Lamstock is a very difficult grade to produce because of the stringent strength requirements and defect allowances.


Our lamstock program has been perfected over 25 years, and we are one of only a few mills to cut and manufacture specifically for lamstock.


We produce an L3 & Btr, based on customer feedback we are providing 40% or greater L1 graded stock.


Available Sizes:


2 x 4 – 2 x 12
Custom sizes available by request


Available Grades:


L3 & Btr


Moisture Content:


Laminating stock is 10 – 12% (Maximum 15%)








Forest Stewardship Certification ® (FSC ®) Certified Lamstock available by request

Available Species



Applicable End-Products