Japan Zairai

Japan Zairai Product Details


Japan Zairai is used in the construction of traditional Japanese homes.  Kalesnikoff Lumber has been committed to supplying Japanese grade lumber for decades.  Our fine grain, small knot fiber produces some of the highest quality Japan Zairai in the world.


Please see our Japan page for more information on our Japanese products.


Available Sizes:


Posts: 90x90mm, 105x105mm, 120x120mm
Warimono: 45x45mm, 45x55mm, 45x60mm, 45x75mm, 45x90mm, 45x105mm
Genban: 45×145/WDR

Lengths: 2.74m – 6.0m

Custom sizes available by request


Available Grades:


#1 & Btr
Standard & Btr


Moisture Content:


Kiln Dried Dimension is guaranteed 19%
Laminating stock is 10 – 12% (Maximum 15%)







Available Species



Applicable End-Uses


  • Traditional Japanese Home Building