Dimensional Lumber

Dimensional Lumber Product Details


Kalesnikoff Lumber produces high quality stress graded dimensional lumber designed for framing and general construction. We use a combination of visual grading and laser technology to ensure each consistent grading across all our lumber products.

Kalesnikoff grades according to the National Lumber Grades Authority (NKLGA) and is audited by the Council of Forest Industries (COFI).


Available Sizes:


2 x 4 – 2 x 12
Standard CLS/ALS dry sizes
Lengths: 6 – 24′ (REL)


Available Grades:


#2 & Btr Light Wane
#2 Structural & Btr
#3 Structural
Custom Structural grades available by request


Moisture Content:


Kiln Dried Dimension is guaranteed 19% (although we target 15%)
Laminating stock is 10 – 12% (Maximum 15%)





Available Species



Applicable End-Uses