Solid Wood Siding


KIW is proud to offer our finest profiled solid wood Home Siding products harvested & produced here in the BC Kootenay Wet Belt. Our blend of Engelmann Spruce & Lodgepole Pine (ESLP) produces a tough & durable siding that machines well to accept the finishing color of your choice & protect your home with the natural strength & beauty of pure wood.


Our Exterior Home Siding is manufactured using kiln-dried fibre. Choose from a variety of styles that include Cove, Bevel, Shiplap, Board and Batton or Channel Siding. Also available in Western Red Cedar or Douglas Fir.


All siding is available with FSC ® Certification, providing the assurance of sustainably harvested timber.




Aligned with Kalesnikoff Lumber, Kootenay Innovative Wood (KIW) has access to custom drying, high quality fiber and over 75 years of knowledge and experience. Featuring product lines that include solid wood Flooring, Paneling, Roof Decking, Exterior Siding, and Moulding, KIW is proud to bring the beauty of BC Softwoods into your home.

Available Species



Applicable Products