Mass Timber Facility Will Create More Benefits with No Additional Logging

In March, we announced our commitment to a new $35 million mass timber facility which will create North America’s most advanced, fully integrated, multi-species mass timber manufacturing facility, generating 50 new technology-centered jobs in South Slocan.


We’ve been asked if this means we’ll need to harvest more logs to feed this new facility. The answer is easy:  “No”.


Our new Mass Timber facility will not require any additional logging by us or anyone else. We will create more benefits with our existing logs, which is one of the main reasons we’re making this significant investment. In fact, we’ll be able to make better use and get more benefits from all species of wood, including some species we couldn’t previously maximize.


Creating mass timber products using local, renewable wood will allow us to achieve more community, economic, employment and customer benefits with the same volume of timber we currently harvest. Our new equipment is state-of-the-art and the materials we will use are safe and tested.


Construction is now underway at our new site, and we expect to begin recruiting employees later this year. We’ll share more information here as this exciting project evolves.