Our Unique Location

From The Heart of British Columbia


Kalesnikoff Lumber is located in Thrums, British Columbia, Canada about 9 miles north of Castlegar and 15 miles south of Nelson. Our site is about halfway between Calgary, AB and Vancouver, BC on Highway 3A and strategically located near the USA/Canada border. Our close proximity to rail transportation and the Port of Vancouver enable us to provide efficient and timely delivery of customized orders across Canada and Internationally.


The Kootenay Wet-Belt


Kalesnikoff operates in the exceptionally fertile region of the Interior Kootenay “Wet-Belt” also known as the “Interior Temperate Rainforest”. This diverse forest zone is found only the southeast corner of British Columbia on the slopes of the Columbia and Rocky Mountains. Abundant in wildlife, lakes, forest and mountains, the Kootenay region of BC is home to some of the most beautiful wilderness and productive forest zones in the world. Douglas FirWestern Larch, Western Hemlock, Engelmann Spruce, Lodgepole Pine, Western White Pine, Western red cedar, Grand Fir and Subalpine Fir are common. The great diversity of tree species allow for a wide range of silvicultural systems and have buffered this zone from extensive insect and disease outbreaks including the devastating infestation of the mountain pine beetle.


As it’s name implies, the Kootenay Wet-Belt receives a substantial amount of precipitation – up to 1200mm annually. These moist conditions create an ideal growing environment and produce dense fine grained fiber prized for it’s beauty and value.


From the beginning, Kalesnikoff has been dedicated to the preservation of the natural landscape in which we operate.  We take pride in our philosophy “Take care of the land, and the land will take care of you”.  Even before reforestation policies existed, the Kalesnikoff family was performing sound forest management practices, ensuring a successful business and healthy land for future generations.