Our Mill

A Mill To Be Proud Of


Since 1939, Kalesnikoff Lumber has grown into one of the cleanest, well run specialty mills in British Columbia. Equipped with a vertically integrated, modern manufacturing facility, Kalesnikoff now offers over 1,000 different products in both custom and standard dimensional sizes.


18 Million Dollars Invested into the future of our mill


Kalesnikoff Lumber has recently completed a significant upgrade to the small log line portion of the mill. This upgrade has provided us with the high-speed flexibility to continue serving the niche markets we have traditionally targeted, while improving recovery and efficiency. The implementation of new scanners has resulted in increased recovery and superior log optimization.


Since this upgrade, Kalesnikoff Lumber has expanded into a modern, multi-species 75 million fbm capacity mill equipped with 5 state-of-the-art Steam Injection Dry Kilns.


Excellence in Kiln-Drying


We have a reputation of excellent drying capabilities thanks to our five natural gas and steam-heated kilns and inline moisture metering. Our Steam Injection system produces a uniform heat transfer top to bottom and along the full length of the Dry Kilns for consistent drying of each piece of lumber. At Kalesnikoff Lumber, the drying schedule is measured in days or weeks for the slow drying that sets us at the top of the pack in terms of quality.