About Kalesnikoff Lumber


Kalesnikoff Lumber is located in Thrums, British Columbia (BC), Canada in the fertile West Kootenay Wet-Belt. This beautiful region in the southeast corner of BC creates a unique slow growth environment for species including Douglas Fir, Western Larch, Lodgepole PineWestern Hemlock, Engelmann Spruce and Idaho White Pine. Excellent growing conditions enable us to produce some of the highest quality fine grained fiber in the world.


Kalesnikoff Lumber has practiced sustainable forest management for more than 75 years.  From Generation to Generation, our guiding principle has been “Take Care of The Land, And The Land Will Take Care of You.” Through 4 generations of family management, Kalesnikoff Lumber has been dedicated to preserving the beautiful landscape in which we operate, while supplying our customers with a premium quality product. As an independent, family owned and operated company, we think in terms of generations, not quarters.


Kalesnikoff operates a modern, multi-species mill with a capacity of 75 million fbm.  The mill is extremely flexible, we are currently able to offer over 1,000 different products in custom and standard dimensional lumber sizes.  We have a reputation for excellent drying capabilities and a high degree of flexibility in our product development.


Kalesnikoff Lumber primarily serves Canada, the United States and Japan. 


High standards. High quality. It comes naturally.